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Wild & Wonderful Pork!

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Back Creek Bend Farm is pleased to be offering LOCALLY-raised and butchered pork!    

Prices and Services
Smoked Bacon (nitrate-free, salt & pepper)     $9.95  
Canadian Bacon $9.95 not currently available
*Cured Ham sandwich slices (thin)   $6.95  
*Cured Ham Steaks   $6.95  
*Cured Half Hams  $5.95 not currently available
Loin Chops   $6.95  
Loin Roast    $6.95  not currently available
Boston Butt    $6.95  not currently available
Ribs     $6.95 not currently available
Breakfast links   $6.95  
Sweet Italian links  $6.95  
Ground Pork  (unseasoned)  $6.95  
Loose Sausage (breakfast seasoned)    $6.95  
Chorizo    $6.95  
Cured Jowl meat (poor man's bacon)   $3.95  
Pudding & Pon haus      $3.95  not currently available
Lard      $3.95  
Pig Feet   $1.95  
*All cured meats contain nitrates

Limited Availability!
Whole Hog:
$3.25 per pound (live weight)  CHECK FOR AVAILABILITY.  PRICE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.
  • Price of 220 lb. hog : $715
  • Includes all cuts from the hog
  • Great for large families or split among friends!
  • $150 deposit required for purchase of live animal.
  • Add $15 (half) or $30 (whole) for country ham. Add $10 (half) or $20 (whole) for cured bacon
  • Allow 2 weeks for delivery from receipt of deposit.  Check for availability.
    All orders are delivered for pick up to our farm in Hedgesville, WV cut, wrapped and frozen.
    Prices will vary depending on the weight of the animal. Delivery locations negotiable.
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